Places to Visit in the UK

There are many places of interest to visit within the United Kingdom. From quaint countryside villages, tranquil lakeside resorts and colourful bustling cities, there is plenty to explore!

The United Kingdom is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each of which retains unique cultures and identities and yet are united under one flag. Here we list some of the more popular places to visit within the UK.

Places to Visit in England

  • The Cotswolds: The Cotswolds is located in South Central England and consists of many quaint towns and villages, such as Castle Combe and Bourton-on-the-Water. The Cotswolds is quite notable for its picturesque rolling hillsides and charming bed and breakfasts. Visitors flock to the area in the summer months to soak up the sunshine and take leisurely strolls through the countryside.
  • The Lake District: The Lake District is an area located in North West England and is famous for its crystal clear lakes, rolling green mountains and lush forests. Take a cruise across Lake Windermere, enjoy some freshly made gingerbread after a visit to William Wordsworth home in Grasmere and stop for cream tea at the Wild Strawberry in Keswick.
  • London: No trip to the UK is complete with a visit to the Big Smoke. Some of the more famous sites in London include: Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the London Eye, Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and the Shard to name a few. There are no shortage of activities in London with an array of museums, music halls, sports teams and over 40 West End theatres. London is probably also England’s culinary capital with tons of independent restaurants, brimming with gourmet food from around the world.
  • Cornwall: Cornwall is a county located on the South Western tip of England and is most notable for its friendly atmosphere, mild climate, charming beaches and who can forget – the Cornish pasty! Surfing is also a popular activity in towns on the north coast, such as Newquay and Porthtowan. Cornwall is a great place to get away from it all and soak up some sun.

Places to Visit in Wales

  • The Snowdonia Mountains & the Welsh Coast: North Wales is a particularly beautiful area of the UK. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, such as hiking and fishing, Snowdonia is the place to visit. With the biggest mountain in England & Wales, sandy beaches along a gorgeous coastline and remarkable cliffs, North Wales provides a spectacular backdrop for any holiday.
  • Cardiff: Cardiff is located in South Wales and is the ninth biggest city within the United Kingdom. There are plenty of landmarks and attractions to visit, such as the Cardiff Castle, Llandaff Cathedral and Wales Millenium Centre. There is also a lively nightlife with an array of bars and pubs in the city centre.

Places to Visit in Scotland:

  • Edinburgh: Scotland’s capital city is a wonderful place to visit and get a taste of Scotland. Notable places to visit include the Edinburgh Castle, as well as the Holyrood Palace. A wonderful time to visit Edinburgh is for Hogmanay, which takes place around the New Year. The celebration typically involves a street party, live music, fireworks, and a ceremonial torchlight procession throughout the city. Edinburgh is also where J.K. Rowling famously created Harry Potter.
  • Inverness: No trip to Scotland is complete without a hunt to try to spot the infamous Lochness Monster, also known as “Nessie”. There are also plenty of castles to explore in the area, as well as festivals and events involving Highland games. Ay, lassie!

Places to Visit in Northern Ireland:

  • Belfast: Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, is located on the plain of the River Lagan and is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. With Botanic Gardens, cityscapes and riverside entertainment, there is plenty to keep tourists occupied. Check out the Titantic Belfast, a monument to the city’s maritime history or the Belfast Castle, because what city is complete without a castle?
  • The Giant’s Causeway: The Giant’s Causeway is a National Trust site located in County Antrim on the North East coast of Northern Ireland. Its beautiful and eccentric appearance is the result of a volcanic eruption, which happened 50 or 60 million years ago. According to legend, the Irish giant, Finn MacCool built the Causeway across the North Channel in order to be able to battle his Scottish nemesis, Benandonner. The Causeway is an absolutely stunning place to visit and is particularly beautiful at sunset.

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